Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eating Your Friends Is the Hardest: The Survivors of the F-227

Andes Mountains

The artice is basically about people who survived a plane crash in the Andes Mountains, and what they had to endure. 27 survived the crash but 70 days later only 16 were left alive. They had no food or fuel to start a fire, and it was very cold considering there was snow on the ground. They were starving and weak, and eventually realized they had to eat the dead. A few said God gave them the bodies to survive. They cut the bodies and dried the pieces on top of the plane. Some, not all started eating the pieces. They got the radio in the plane to work and heard that the Air Force was calling off the search. They had to find their way back on their own. When they realized this most of everyone started to eat the bodies except for a man and his wife. They said God must want them to die. Then they started cooking the meat which made it taste better, but they wouldn't eat the women's bodies. Most of the people were constipated and could not defecate. The people who were going for help used human skin as socks so their feet wouldn't freeze. They eventually grew tired of the same meat and started eating bone marrow, blood clots, and rotting meat for a variety of taste. When the three people left who were selected to go for help, a guy named Parrado told some of them they might run out of food and if so to eat his mother and sister. They were rescued four days before Christmas. When they got back home the Government wanted to keep the Cannabolism a secret. Survivors said that the bodies were from God, and wanted to tell the story. They buried the rest of the dead at the crash site. The survivors were like celebrities and they thought of themselves as special people.

My opinion:
I feel that this article goes along with the perspectives we learned about while watching "Freeks and Geeks", because the men who survived organized what job everyone had to do while trying to survive. They also had the people who were like the leaders. Specifically a man named Canessa, because he was the first to push the issure of eating the bodies and had a few friends follow his lead. Also, I can somewhat relate this to my life, because in the article it was mentioned that the bodies were no longer human, they were dead and had no souls. The meat was that of animals that they ate back home. So to look at it in that perspective all people who eat meat can relate it to their lifes. At the end of the article it said a Chilean paper asked in its headlines, "What would you have done?" I thought about it and tried putting myself in their position. What would I have done if I had no other way to survive but eat the bodies? I couldn't really answer that question because it's still compulsive to me to think about eating someone. I guess I will never know unless I ever get into that position.

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